Importance of Education Industry

Education plays most important role in our Life. We learnt lots of thing from education and apply it to our daily basis of life. Education is the process which makes possible to learn and take advantages of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits.
Due to COVID 19, it's badly impact on all over the world globally with all government systems,bussinesses & Education. But we having some smart ways to fight with it. We can take help of technologies to grow up in education sytem.So primine Software giving you best solutions according to the problem that is education software development.

Data Analytics For Education Industry

Data Analytics for Govt. and Managements

Data analytics can make accurate and excellent supervision on Govt. and Managements. It helps to keep highly accurate records of attendance and time of log-in and log-out for every student as well as a teacher and mentor.

Data Analytics for Teachers and Mentors

An education system powered by data analytics helps to teacher and mentor for keeping individual records of students digitally so they can focus on individual ability, learning approach, preference, and performance of students.

Education Software Development

E-learning platforms

This is one of the most important platform which supports during COVID-19. E-learning platforms is a solutions for online as well as offline learning. Primine solution take care of it and providing the solutions.

Software for corporate training

There are some built-in system for skills assessment and certifications. By using software, we can provide training to employees for making good future of next generation. Primine solution take care of next generation and providing the solution.

Educational analytics

Education analytics is a real-time supervision of education that process efficiency, training and skills.Real-time monitoring of educational process which is solution of group and individual testing.

Mobile e-learning apps

Mobile e-learning is become very intrested for kids due to creation of some awesome interactive apps which boost interest of kids for learning new things. Primine Software is the best for making attractive mobile e-learning apps.

Rich-media educational solutions

There are some rich-media for education solutions. This is using for more interactive applications which includes learning contents such as graphics, video & audio. Primine Software take care of it & hold the interest.

Knowledge management solutions

Knowledge management(K.M.) can be defined as performing the activities involved in discovering, capturing, sharing & applying knowledge. There are four levels of K.M. a)K.M. processes b)K.M. systems c)K.M. mechanisms and technologies d)K.M. infrastructure.